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What you cannot experience on land, you can experience on the sea. Reinefjorden Sjøhus offers rental of solid boats suitable for everything from fishing and diving, exciting day trips in beautiful Lofoten or simply as transportation. 

When you are surrounded by sea and fjords, it is quite natural to us a boat, whether you are driving self or sitting as a passenger. Regardless, we are concerned that our guests drive safely and considerably. Remember that in Norway it is mandatory to wear lifejackets for anyone who is on board in pleasure boats under 8 meters, when the boat is in motion.

From our pier it is easy to board a boat, and a customised ramp also enables wheelchair users to board. All boats are equipped with sonar and map. Life jacket and fuel is included in the price. 

From our pier it is easy to board

We have 2 types of boat, 1 Pioner Multi 60HP and 2 Pioner Viking 25HP