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The famous hike Reinebringen is located only a short drive away from us at Reinefjorden Sjøhus! For your own saftey, please make sure you are well prepared for the hike before you start walking.
Please click here to download the information sheet about Reinebringen.
Here is some of the information found in the PDF above, please download and read the full page:
 Reinebringen is a famous mountain with a world class view - and a guarantee of tired legs. Even though the walk to the summit follows a stone stairway (built in 2019), it is steep and demanding. The stairway is not finished yet, so please walk with caution, beware of loose rocks and show consideration for other people.

• The walk to the summit of Reinebringen is not a family outing. Contact the tourist information centre for details of family outings in the mountains.

• The summit is not suitable for camping. There are plenty of other scenic spots in the area suitable for pitching tents that are not as exposed.

• Wear suitable mountain footwear.

• Bring food and drink along with you.

• Even though the walk follows a stone stairway, it is steep and demanding.

• The vegetation in the mountains is very vulnerable, so please keep to the trail.

• This is a summer hike. In the autumn, winter and spring there is considerable risk of landslides, avalanches and falling rocks.

• Proceed with caution, watch out for loose rocks and show consideration for others.

• Visit the Reinebringen Facebook page for updates on conditions on the mountain:

View from the top of Reinebringen   Stone stairs    Warning! Watch out for falling rocks!


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