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Reine adventure - kayak in Reinefjorden

Activities in the area

Are you travelling with a big group and want to explore Lofoten and get some activities in inbetween meetings or lectures? Here you will find a list of all the activities in the area.

Some activities that are perfect for groups are boat tours and fishing trips, but it is also possible to go for kayak tours inside of the fjord. Another thing that is great to do as a group is hiking, to get the most out of the experience we recommend to go with one of the local guides in the area.

The opportunities and days are endless if you are looking to have a good time while staying with us, especially during spring and summer time with the midnight sun! But also in the autumn and winter time when the northern lights can be visable during the dark hours. All the seasons have their own magic around it, and it is not for nothing Lofoten is one of the most popular destinations for photographers. The different light conditions you get here throughout the day and seasons are just out of this world! Make sure to put "go to sleep" into your busy schedule to make sure you have energy for yet another day of meetings and adventures!


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