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Reinefjorden Sjøhus - High standard seaside houses

Reinefjorden Sjøhus - High standard seaside houses


Welcome to Reinefjorden Sjøhus!

Book your accommodation with us and live as close to the beautiful nature of Reinefjorden as you possibly can. Here you can experience the ever changing seasons and weather of the Lofoten islands, you get something unique with every season of the year. You can for example enjoy the never ending days with the midnight sun during May-July and in the darker times of the year you have the possibility to see the magical northern lights (aurora borealis).


One thing that we love about our accommodations are the big windows that make it possible for you to feel close to the nature and enjoy the stunning views even when you are inside. It is a truly amazing feeling to sit inside with a hot cup of tea while enjoying the weather spectacle outside your window whether it's a beautiful sunset, blue bird skyes, northern lights, glassy water, strong winds,rain or snow over the fjord.


From our iconic fisherman's cabins and seahouses we serve you breathtaking views to the sea and sky. Whether you like hiking, fishing or just want to enjoy the Lofoten nature and it's wonders, we are the perfect location to take in the atmosphere in comfortable surroundings. Our fishermen's cabins and seaside houses meets high standards but at the same time, still maintaining the authentic feeling.


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