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Here you will find food stores and restaurants in the area

Here you will find food stores and restaurants in the area


 Grosery stores
The closest food store is at the top of the list, the further down you go the further away the shop is. The three first ones are south on E10 and the last one is 20 minutes north of Reinefjorden Sjøhus.


Coop Prix - Reine


Joker - Sørvågen


Matkroken - Sørvågen


Bunnpris- Ramberg 




 Liquor store
The closest liquor store is located in Leknes, around one hour north of Reinefjorden Sjøhus.


Vinmonopolet- Leknes





The restaurant at the top of the list is just a short walk away from Reinefjorden Sjøhus and then the list continues with restaurants further and further south all the way down to Å.

 Please click on the different restaurants to find out their opening hours/ seasons and to find out what type of food you can have!



Gadus Restaurant - Hamnøy


Underhuset Restaurant - Sakrisøy


Anitas Seafood - Sakrisøy


Bringen Kaffebar - Reine


Tapperiet Bistro - Reine


Gammelbua Restaurant - Reine


Holmen Lofoten - Sørvågen


Maren Anna Restaurant - Sørvågen


Havet Restaurant - Sørvågen


Brygga Restaurant - Å in Lofoten


Bakeriet Å / Kafeen Å - Å in Lofoten


-Our location-

In 'Skagen', away from traffic and busy streets you find our little paradise!

Cabins - universal accessibility

The cabins are adapted for wheelchair users, with universal accessibility throughout the main floor and the outdoor area.

Villa 'Væreiergården'

Book our biggest house with 12 beds for your whole family or as a big group!

Meetings, lectures and workshops!

'Væreiergården' is a perfect place to keep meetings, lectures and workshops with a seperate room providing projector, tables and chairs for up to 20 participants.

We have two dog friendly units!

We want everyone fo feel welcome, we have both allergy friendly and dog friendly units!

Lofoten code of conduct

Importat information for everyone visiting Lofoten! Please read and follow these simple guidelines.

Reinebringen Hike

Reinebringen is a famous mountain with a world class view - and a guarantee of tired legs. Here you will find some information you need to read before you start your hike.

Lofoten drone regulations

We all know how beautiful Lofoten is and with a drone you can take stunning videos and photos! But please be considerate of the regulations, locals and animals.

Travel to us by train and bus

Most people visiting Lofoten has traveled here by plane, car and/or boat. But with these alternative routes you will travel cheaper and more environmentally friendly, check it out!

Springtime in Lofoten

The spring in Lofoten can be a very beautiful time! Since it is low season it is less tourists and if you are lucky with the weather it is absolutely magical!

The beauty of fall

Northern lights, rainbows and sunsets, the trees change colour and bright coloured berries cover the mountains in a magical mix, the season of colours is here!

Winter in Lofoten

The winters above the arctic circle are often extremely cold. But although Lofoten is located north of the arctic circle the weather is quite mild during the winter!

Northern lights season

Learn more about the magical dancing northern lights (aurora borealis) in Lofoten.

The long nights of Lofoten

Experience the polar night, see the norhtern lights and give your self time to just relax in our beautiful apartments and cabins!

Winter driving in Lofoten

Driving on the small roads of Lofoten in winter can sometimes be a scary experience, especially if you are from a warmer climate and haven't driven on snow/ice before. We have put together some information that can be helpful!

November 2019

The first week of this month have been truly amazing with a crazy mix of sun and snow!

Scan Magazin

Read the article about Reinefjorden Sj√łhus published in Scan Magazine February 2020.

Recycling Station

Thank you for taking care of the earth!

Summer is here!

Sun and 12 degrees, what more can you ask for?

Reinefjorden Sj√łhus V√¶rierg√•rden

Reinefjorden Sj√łhus offers Lofoten's newest and most modern fishermen's cabins and seaside houses.