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Peaceful area with beautiful views over the fjord! 

Our apartments, cabins and the main house ara all located away from the big road, at the edge of Reinefjorden. This private location makes the area very peaceful, it is like a hidden paradise just for our guests! This is the perfect location for meetings and lectures, to have the coffe break on the big terrace of the main house is the perfect way to recharge your batteries before the next meeting! Or why not go for a paddle in the fjord after lunch? Or hike up Reinebringen before dinner? This is a great location to get alot of work done while still giving the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Lofoten!

Although, you might find some dedicated photographers standing on our pier with their cameras and tripods. You get such a good angle on the fjord and famous 'Olstind' mountain from us that some people come down just to take the picture. But hey, why not wake up with the view everyday of your trip instead?

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-Reine village is located 12 minutes from us by car, it will take you around 1 hour to walk and 20 minutes biking on the small roads of Lofoten.


-The closest supermarket to us 'Coop Prix' is only a 7 minutes drive away, walking it will take you around 40 minutes and 12 minutes by bike. 


- The closest restaurant to us is called Gadus Nordisk Trattoria and is located on the opposite side of Hamnøy harbour. It takes only 3 minutes by car, 8 minutes walking and 4 minutes biking. Please note that the opening hours are season dependent!


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