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 Rorbu in Reinefjorden

Can you travel to Lofoten without flying? Yes you can!

 Most people visiting Lofoten has traveled here by plane, car and/or boat. It might be faster to take a direct flight to Leknes than taking the train and a bus, but by taking these alternative routes you will save alot of money and be able to see even more of the beautiful landscape! Another great thing is that it's often more environmentally friendly to travel by train and bus, so hey! why not give it a try? 
 If you are travelling on a tight budget, then these routes will be your best option! Sure it does take longer, and depending on where you start your journey this might be a perfect option or an impossible one. We recommend everyone to have a look at these routes, maybe it works for you! It might not work the entire trip, but this could be an option for the last strech of your travels.
 We recommend you to have a close look at the time-tables for the busses before your trip if you plan on taking the bus while staying with us. It is good to see how often the buses drive through Hamnøy during your stay, they only pass though a few times everyday.

  Alternative routes to travel to Reinefjorden Sjøhus;
  • Train through Sweden to Narvik - Bus from Narvik to Hamnøy - walk for three minutes - arrive to your comfortable accommodation
  • Train through Norway to Bodø - Ferry to Moskenes - Bus, taxi or rent a car to reach us - arrive to your comfortable accommodation
 -To find the best train route to Narvik or Bodø visit
 -To find the time tables for the busses Narvik - Hamnøy or Moskenes - Hamnøy visit
 -To find the timetables for the ferry Bodø - Moskenes visit
 -If you come with the bus you just need to walk 500 meters towards Reine on E10, take the first right and continue until you see the Reception. See the route here
 -To move around easier while staying with us, rent a bike from Reine Adventure in Sakrisøy or rent a car in Leknes or Moskenes, see options below.
  (Please note that there are no bike paths in Lofoten, most parts you have to bike on E10. Not kid friendly!)

 -Leknes is located  around 1 hour north of Reinefjorden Sjøhus, you can choose to jump off the bus when it passes and rent a car to drive the last hour. Here you will find a list of car rental companies located in Leknes.
 -Moskenes is located around 20 minutes south of Reinefjorden Sjøhus, if you travel by bus from Narvik you can continue with the bus to Moskenes and pick up your rental car. If you take the ferry Bodø - Moskenes you will have the car rentals just by the pier. Here you will find the car rental located on the peir in Moskenes.
 -If you choose to go from Moskenes to us by taxi, please note you have to call and make a booking well in advance during high season! To find the number to the taxi, please press here.
Distances to Reine and the grocery store
The only road to Reine village and the supermarket is E10, the road is narrow and heavily trafficed during high season! Keep this in mind if you are planning on biking or walking.
 Reine village
 -12 minutes by car
 -1 hour walking
 -20 minutes biking
 Supermarket Coop Prix
 -7 minutes drive
 -40 minutes walking
 -12 minutes biking

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