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 Bring your dog to Lofoten


Check out our dog friendly units!


Ofcours your best friend is coming, we welcome dogs in two of our units! The fisherman's cabin 'Fæsthelen' and the apartment 'Tørrfiskbrygga 2'.

These two units are the only ones we allow pets in, so please make sure you book well in advance and make sure you book one of these uits. 

An extra cleaning fee will be added.

We would appriciate if you let us know you will bring your dog before you arrive. If you have any questions please let us know! 


Please remember you must keep your dog on a leash inbetween 1st of April to 20th of August in Norway. In Flakstad the leash law continues until 15th of November due to all the livestock in the area. Please respect both the wildlife and the livestock and let them enjoy their home in peace!