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Rent a boat

Rent a boat

Boats for rent
Explore Reinefjorden in your own boat!


'Pioneer Viking' and 'Pioneer Multi'

Would you like to cruise around 'Reinefjorden' in your own boat? Our boats are perfect if you want to enjoy 'Lofoten' by yourself from the water, it is possible to rent during the day and at night to enjoy the midnight sun.

Do you want to catch fresh fish for dinner? You can go fishing with our boats! 
- You need to bring your own fishing gear and keep in mind that our boats are not specially equipped for fishing trips. 


We have two types of boats for rent. We have two 'Pioneer Viking' wich is our smaller boat with 25 hp and the bigger boat is 'Pioneer Multi' with 60 hp.

For the small boats you do not need the drivers license for boats but you do need to have some experience, for 'Pioneer Multi' you need to be able to show us your license before you can rent the boat.


The boats are located in our private dock here at 'Reinefjorden Sjøhus' and are available to rent both for our guests but also for anyone visiting 'Lofoten'.


1 full day:                       2000 NOK
1/2 day (midnight sun): 1200 NOK


For reservation or questions please email us: